Now let me be clear.

Since I’m a Walmart-bought mom’s-jean wearing entitled schmuck, according to the larger blogosphere. 🙂

I was not equating pot smoking with statutory rape and child molestation. They are different things, all three of which I disagree with on varying levels. The war on drugs has certainly been a waste of taxes, but it’s still the law of the land. And people should have some basic respect for the law, if we’re going to hold our society together. It always seems to be the last thing on people’s minds, maintaining civil order (or they’re determined to gleefully subvert it, but everyone has to play a role, I guess). But I don’t like pot smoking. The heavy drug use isn’t good for making paganism an ‘inviting place’ for people to go. Or, alternately, people just want to schmoke around people like them, which is fine–but don’t get tetchy if I say I’m not thrilled with it and thus want to avoid it. And is definitely more about people schmoking and less about any kind of spirituality these people purportedly are trying to pursue.

Do I have to go into why statutory rape and child molestation are wrong? No? Good. So let’s recap–recreational drug use and sexual contact with minors are separate but both bad things I’ve found rampant in the local pagan community, which I don’t like, which is why I avoid it. I will admit I’m surprised at how deeply I seemed to get under people’s skins on this one. Check your comfort zones, people. Life isn’t about making you comfortable. If someone says they want nothing to do with you because you’re not their kinda scene, chill.


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