Suomenusko in translation, day 2

Posted to the Suomenusko/Suomenusko in English group/pages, this bit was translated by Silja Latham.


Sergei Tanõgin – ” Prayer for the World “
This year, first prize of the competition “Maavalla Kota organic sacred sites” went to the Republic of Mari Yoshkar to the main artist of Ola theatre, Sergei Tanõgin’s picture » World Prayer » ( Мировой молебен ) . 
The winner picture has has been taken at the “ Mari holy hell” – occasion held every five years in Mari Land located in the district Sovetsk, in the village of Kukmari, Tsokmoton hiisi (=A holy place where a certain devil, spirit or demon was thought to dwell – at least that is how I understood it – SL)
About a hundred photographs were send to the competition and they were taken from different holy places in Estonia, Russia, Finland, Latvia, Sweden, India, Thailand and Uzbekistan. The aim of this annual photo competition is to respect the historical and natural sacred places and to record the practices and spiritual heritage related to them. The competition will be organized in the following year, too. It is is organized by “Maavalla Koda”, that is original “Native religion organization” in Estonia. Mausoleum of Estonian native natural religion. The name comes from the original Estonian word meaning , “people of the land” or “maarahvas”. All award-winning photos are available on the Earthworks website:


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