Hermes is #@*#ing god of the internet.

Hey all, just had to share with you a delightful hymn I just got back that I commissioned from my favorite Dionysian priest, Sannion. He was kind enough to let me post it here on the blog. I asked for a hymn celebrating Hermes as god of the internet, which I’ve previously discussed. And yes, kids, it’s the best thing ever.

To Hermes, god of the internet

by Sannion

For Meg.

Properly do we hail the inventor of words and cunning tricks,
Hermes, the slayer of Argos who saw and recorded all,
as the master of the internet, this invaluable technology that
lets us know what’s happening across the globe at all times,
lets us access the accumulated lore of ages past,
order anything our heart desires with the click of a button,
invent new ways to entertain ourselves
and new opportunities for thieves to exploit the dim-witted.
Round and round the information swirls like
electric shades guided by the snaky staff of the
far-famed son of glorious Zeus and kindly Maia,
until it reaches your computer, its intended destination,
not harmed or waylaid by clever miscreants.

For this we have Hermes to thank.


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